Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance
See what programs you may qualify for.
OMNetwork has access to Ohio First Time Buyers, Home for Heroes Program, Mortgage Credit Certificate “MCC” with up to 40% rebate value and USDA to name a few. Also we can refer Realtors participating in the Hero’s closing cost assistance. Local municipal programs may also be available.
These programs may have income, employment type, family size or geographic restrictions so seek one or more of our members’ expert advice and consoling.
Credit Repair and Score  Improvment
Request Credit or Downpayment & CC Info
“Credit Expert” is a computer analysis that can only be applied to a mortgage lending FICO scoring model report.
The “Credit Expert” analysis will give a detailed step by step recipe of actions to   immediately increase a credit score in to the highest level obtainable within a 45 day period of the pull. This is especially useful for those trying to increase their scores to either qualify a loan in general or for those wishing to increase their score to obtain a better rate or lower their costs.
Mortgage Management
Complete Mortgage Planning Available
What are your mortgage loan options? Conventional? FHA? USDA? VA? Are you eligible for first time buyer down payment assistance? How about a tax credit granting from 20-40% interest rate rebate credits? Is a Home Equity line of credit your best choice? Can you get your down payment as a gift? Can I get a Hero’s closing cost gift? Who is my realtor really working for?
Thinking about refinancing a current loan? Can I streamline the loan without the need for an appraisal? Need cash out? Harp Loan? How does a reverse mortgage work?
Can we get rid of PMI or MI? What does PITI mean?
What Ohio Lenders offer you the best options and guidance?
Can you get a discount on title and survey services?
 This is what OMNetwork is all about.
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    Bi-Weekly Payment Plan
    This accelerated repayment program IS NOT a mortgage or loan refinance. The Ohio Mortgage Network offers industry unique processes designed to provide the most flexible payment options that allow every consumer to participate in our programs. A client’s credit profile has no meaning here. You customize an automated repayment scheduled best suited to your budget and we handle the rest. This repayment program works with any lender, at any interest rate, and can be altered, started or stopped at any time.
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    Pre-Qualify for the Lowest Rate
    At The Ohio Mortgage Network we aim to pair our Clients with the best Mortgage Lenders in Ohio. All of our subscribers must be Mortgage Bankers or State Charter banking institutions with brick and mortar offices located in Ohio. The idea behind this principle is this. Many national lenders are only federally chartered and therefore exempt from honoring the State Of Ohio’s strict anti-predatory lending laws. They are also exempt from honoring the Ohio Financial Bill of Rights as outlined and provided for in SB 185. Ohio Mortgage Network makes no exception to this requirement. No Brokers allowed.
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    Free Credit Report
    Ohio Mortgage Network members only subscribe to the FICO scoring modeling used in all mortgage lending applications. This scoring model IS NOT the consumer scoring models that do not use mortgage lending models the result in inaccurate scores like most circulation the Web. This explains why some many people are surprised when they get a free credit report with a score and then, when they finally apply for a mortgage, find that the two scores are not close or do not match to only have their loans denied. OMNetwork’s scores are authentic.
We make the numbers & loans not so daunting
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