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Real Estate is stationary and localized. Real Estate is not on wheels. Those involved in the management and transfer must also be localized. Title companies, realtors, appraisers, lawyers, surveyors, inspectors and lenders must have people on the ground.
The Ohio Mortgage Network was founded with the goal of offering a trusted shopping place for mortgage borrower's to meet, browse, and compare the service-to-value levels and the prices that mortgage industry Lenders and Service providers committed in Ohio offer. Only Lenders and Vendors License in Ohio can operate within Ohio.
All Ohio Mortgage Network members must have physical locations within the state. OMNetwork believes that some level of community investment translates into responsible social commitment. Members must also meet the stricter State of Ohio licensing requirements in addition to the less stringent Federal licensing requirements when they apply. OMNetwork tracks the customer satisfaction of its members and only allows the inclusion of those with satisfactory ratings.
Borrower’s needing real estate related services can network with trusted Venders, Lenders, Realtors, Title Companies, Insurance companies and the like and save. In turn, Ohio Mortgage Network members gain conscientious clients committed to them and are able to offer these clients the savings they realize from reduced advertising cost.
The OMNetwork
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