Bi-Weekly Payment Plan
You can choose to Skip up to 2 Month's mortgage payments and pay No Closing Cost Option.
Lower payments. Lower terms.Lower rate
Cash out, Loan Consolidation, Bi-Weekly
Electronic processing. Fast-Track closings.
At the lowest mortgage rates available.
Live Better!
2 Min EZApp.
Learn more about your options with a free analysis.
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Bi-Weekly Savings Caculator
Bi-Weekly Savings Analysis
An Accelerated Repayment Program
This is not a new mortgage. We do not even want to see your credit.
This accelerated repayment program IS NOT a mortgage or loan refinance. The Ohio Mortgage Network offers industry unique processes designed to provide the most flexible payment options that allow every consumer to participate in our programs. A client’s credit profile has no meaning here.
You customize an automated repayment scheduled best suited to your budget and we handle the rest. This repayment program works with any lender, at any interest rate, and can be altered, started or stopped at any time. Results provide a shorter loan term, interest savings, convenient payments, and No upfront costs. In most cases the Bi-Weekly Prepayment Plan can reduce the effective rate on a loan by over 1%!
Make informed mortgage decisions with the help of Ohio Mortgage Network.
We offer a simple no hassel approach to learning the best mortgage solution for each mortgage situation. Only one lender who best matches the borrower's needs contacts each client for a personalized converstion. The lowest rates and costs  available along with special discounts are passed along. Reduce the loan term, by considering a Bi-Weekly Payment Plan. Get a FREE no pressure consultation to learn and plan your savings goal.
Mortgages Matter.
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