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We have loans for HARP, no appraisal loans, LOW-DOC  Limited income and FHA Streamline loans, including loans up to 100% of the value of your home.
You can choose to Skip up to 2 Month's mortgage payments and pay No Closing Cost Option.
Lower payments. Lower terms.Lower rate
Cash out, Loan Consolidation, Bi-Weekly
Electronic processing. Fast-Track closings.
At the lowest mortgage rates available.
Live Better!
2 Min EZApp.
We respect our clients. Only one match per request.
Learn more about your options with a free analysis.
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Loans & Programs
EZ Qualification
FHA Loans up to 97.5%  VA Loans up 100%  of homes value
Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages
Cash-out and bill consolidation loans
FHA renovation 203(k) loans
USDA regular and streamline no appraisal 100% loans
HARP no appraisal. FHA & VA no appraisal  loans
No credit qualifing and EZ qualifing programs.
Make informed refinancing decisions with the help of Ohio Mortgage Network.
We offer a simple no hassel approach to learning the best mortgage solution for each mortgage situation. Only one lender who best matches the borrower's needs contacts each client for a personalized converstion. The lowest rates and costs  available along with special discounts are passed along. Lower the payment, take cash out, renovate the house, reduce the loan term, or even consider a Bi-Weekly Payment Plan. Get a FREE no pressure consultation to learn and plan your refiancing goal.
Mortgages Matter.
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